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Good old Mr. Minto.. The Principal At Rutledge. A.K.A "Bone". He was our overseer for many years..for me 1st through 9th grades 1961-1970. He would not "spare the rod" as I was on the recieving end of his "board of education" paddle several times. I remember Mr. Minto halting our initiation into the "R" club (if you lettered in sports) because the hazing got a little rough. Nothing was worse than being sent to his office for discipline.
I only come to realize later on how much he did care for the students at Rutledge and under that gruff exterior was a heart of gold. Mr. Minto had retired from education when in 1976 I invited him to our wedding at Midfield Baptist Church, and he actually showed up and gave me a warm hand shake and congratulations. That meant a lot to me.
I know we all used to mock him behind his back but he truly was a good man.

-Alan Davis

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Last week, a few of us from 1975 got together at Jim n Nicks in Homewood. Mr. Minto came up in our conversations. Tim Hayes told the story of getting caught by Hambone for calling him by his nickname behind his back. Of course it was 'Hey Buddy, come into my office!'. And of course, he was threatened with the pink slip. Weren't we all! Tim said that he had to explain to Mr. Minto why and how the students came up with Mr. Minto's nickname. Years later, after that meeting Tim came to realize that Mr. Minto knew how strict Tim's father (who was a Baptist preacher) was on his children, and Mr. Minto never ratted on Tim's indiscretion that day.

Tim also said that years later, he and Jack Brake, I think, found Mr. Minto's name in the phone book and called him to tell him how they appreciated how he treated them. He said that they had a long conversion, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours., and that Mr. Minto was thrilled to hear from some of his former students. He said that several weeks after that phone conversation, he read Mr. Minto's obituary in the newspaper.

I was fortunate enough to avoid "The Office" most of the time. But I do remember that if we could just get him on the subject of his previous coaching assignments like the one at Edwater (of course, he said Edwahta with that southern drawl) he would completely forget why you had been sent to his office to begin with.  When I think of some of the crazy things we did in school I JUST know that if it happened today most of us would be in the dreaded alternative school at least once


Denise (Dorroh) Kivette.



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