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best friends forever: are you still friends with the people that were your best buds in high school

we all had people we trusted and thought you keep in youch with are you still friends with them now or are they are scattered to the four winds. would like to hear from james dollar and a few others

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Yep. Marie Jones has been my best friend for 33 years now. We met when I moved to Midwood Avenue in 1975. There were times when we may have only talked once a year while raising our children but we would be talking like we saw each other only the day before. Now that the kiddos are grown, we have LOTS more time to get together. Marie comes over to my house at least once a week. I tell you, there's nothing like a good friend that has always and will always be there for you. Love ya, Re. And Marie's sister, Brenda has been my friend for just as long. Love you too, Bren.
Kem Gober and I became friends when they moved on Woodward road. Wow I don't remember when they moved in 1964 65 maybe. We don't talk as often as we use to and don't get to see each other as much but when we do we fall into the same giggling gossiping goofs we were back then. She would spend the night with me or I with her staying up all night laughing or crying over some guy. You can't beat a friend that will cry with you. Kem I love ya girl!
Keith Foster and I have been friends for about 36 years now. We still stay in touch although life has been busy for both of us.
Kim Dilmore and I have remained best friends since first grade...31 years!!! Kim Williams and I have remained best friends since 7th grade...26 years! Jamie Patterson, Adrian Gilmer and I have remained best friends since 4th grade...29 years. Aaron Harwell and I have remained best friends since 4th grade as well...29 years. WOW! When you put those years down on paper, makes me feel old!
I met John Montgomery the first day of school freshman year in Ms. Simon's English Class and we've been best friends ever since. I think we probably got in trouble that day for talking -- pretty sure about that actually because I remember spending lots of time behind the bulletin boards in her class (that's where we had to stand so we couldn't see each other and keep talking) Still talk almost every day --- even when I was in California. My daughters call him Uncle John and actually belive they are related! Also still friends with Rich Albright -- whom I've known even longer . . . talk to him every day too.
Absolutely. Suzanne (Spencer) and I have been best friends practically since the day she was born. We are closer than sisters. I would absolutely lay down my life for her or anyone in her family.

Through Suzanne, Michele (Mooney) has become one of my best friends too (I think I met her when she was about 8 -playing softball in Kevin Handley's backyard ), and there are quite a few others that I have gotten to know through them and gotten very close to, but those are more in recent years than since high school.

I have some of the most loyal, dependable, incredible, sparkling, funny, honest and caring friends in the universe, and most of them came from Midfield. There must be something in the water. :)
There are a few, I met Jeff Griffis when we were in the 3rd. grade. I lived around the corner. We grew up together, playing football, baseball, all the fun yard games, played cards, board games, pushed hot wheels around, in the band together, graduated together, but time & miles came between us, I still talk to him 2 or 3 times per year. Others are Tim "Big Murph" Murphy & John Standridge. We were cut-ups in school & band, worked on cars together, hunting, fishing, but we all graduated, at different times, jobs, children all came along & I lost touch with them. But this website & the Mr. Harwell reunion brought us together again. Last but not least is Steve Brandon. I first met Steve in the 5th grade at Mid. Elem. Mrs. Brake's class. We drew a couple art projects together for the school. One was on the main display when you walked into the school. Me & Steve were in the band together, rode to school togther during high school. Went rock climbing togther, shot guns, hang out at the pool & look at the girls. His brother Jimmy would beat us down. Then we graduated, the last time I saw steve was in 1985, Then I saw him at the reunion for the first time in 23 years,
donna newell is still one of my best friends. we met when she moved in next door when we were 3 ys old .. we are now 45... we have stayed close over the years although we dont get alot of hanging out time with work and all. we have been thru alot over the yrs.. also still am good friends with lori brewster... also brett ward over the years.. rekindling a friendship with mike reid who was good buddy during childhood.. i have a new best friend now though.. my 3 yr old david. we have fun together... i also miss my all time best friend who passed away in 1995 my dear ole mom....
Wow, this is a good forum. Peggy Brown and I met in the 2nd grade and remained friends all through school... we still talk at least every few months... the memories are great!
I have remained friends with Jamie McGee and Joey Franklin... Now that Jamie is a stay at home dad I talk to him more often LOL. Of course I talk to my cousin Denise Jackson about once a week... we had a blast in highschool together. I talk with Bobbie Jo Beech a good bit - we worry that our kids are doing some of the things we did in high school and it scares up to death! And it gets better... a couple of times a year I talk to or see my "first love".. Wade Price (he lives in MS now)... funny how that bond is still there to some degree.
I feel fortunate that I still have these people in my life to share memories with.
well i have to say tracey byram. she and i have hung in there for over 30 years. there is nothing i wouldn't do for her. i was there when her kids were born. ok not josh but that's because i was having jonathan. but i love her kids like i love my own. i see them quite a bit and it's still hard to believe their all grown up and having children of their own. the good times...yea when we're together. we'll be going to the allman concert and i can't wait. bar-b-ques, sat night drive-in or just me and tra hanging is great too. hope your have a friend like i do. love ya tra
I got together with Tracy Miskelly a few months ago. She was my partner in crime in school, and when we started talking, after 20 some odd years, it was like only an hour had passed!
I married my best friend from high school. Jon and I have known each other since we were in Kindergarten together. It is hard to believe that we have known each other for 22 years. I also still talk to Jennifer Willis who I met in 4th grade.


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