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In looking at profiles everyone has posted, there are many alums who offer a service to the public. Attorney, A/C repair, real estate, etc.

In this discussion, post your name, service and phone number. This way if someone on the site needs help with something, we can try and "keep it in the family" by finding it here first!

Good Luck!

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David R. Watkins
Electrician Home 674-3448, Cell 482-1527

Preacher Home 674-3448, Cell 482-1527
Available for meetings, fill ins, or just someone to talk to. Personal issues are kept confidential.
For Bridal, Prom & Pageant Gowns, Tuxedos, and Formals, please come see me at Bella's Bridal & Formals on Hwy 31 in Pelham.


Hi Mark, You may want to try a consignment shop. We do not carry anything from David's Bridal, they have their own brands and factories. I have exclusive brands and our contracts do not allow me to sell used gowns or gowns from a big retailer like David's. Thanks for thinking of me though!!! Sorry I missed you yesterday!
My husband is a private investigator and is fast gaining an excellent reputation in and around the Birmingham area. We specialize in divorce and child custody, but we also do skip tracing, legal investigations and process serving. Our website is www.dps-eye.com. His number is (205) 602-8578.
J. Alan Homes & residential repair. My son is a licensed home builder, also does additions, repairs, residential and commerical/offices. Please call him at 205-296-7238
PRINTING.....PRINT SMART......any kind of printing, business forms, business cards, banners, books, magazines, sports posters, calendars...literally we do any thing that can be printed on. Been in business here in Birmingham for 15 years. We are now located in IRONDALE. Call me, ANGELA FORTNER and I will be more than happy to help you. 266-6004
LORENZEN CANDLE CO.......................... My sister has a candle business here locally. They are hand poured SOY WAX, which burns evenally. She and her husband have their own printing company so she is able to personalize the labels for you as you wish. FOR EXAMPLE: Happy Holidays from The THORNTON FAMILY. You pick your own colors, design and of course the wonderful smell. She has over 70 different scents. She has been in business 6 years. She can make 1 or 1000, it is up to you. She has 3 oz. travel size, up to 25oz. Give her a call. Don't forget , HOLIDAY SEASON is around the corner. SHERYL THORNTON 477-8444 or 612-5988.
My husband, Roy, owns his own store that sells beds, mattresses and futons. He also sells bean bags. Here is the info:

The Bed and Futon Gallery
140 1st St. South (Highway 31)
Alabaster , AL 35007
Phone: (205) 620-6722
Fax: (205) 620-6722

The store is close to I-65 and just right down from the Colonial Promenade .
I take commissions for custom paintings.. I can do 2.5 x 3.5 inch to wall murals.
Email me mrsvalpique@aol.com for prices.
You found it. yeah!!!!! This lady is an awsome artist folks. Look at her gallery.
Does this include Job Needed people too? I just received the dreaded " Your job has been eliminated" speech.

If anyone knows of Administrative work, let me know. Was in the mortgage business before this, but we know that market is down right now.
This is GREAT! Never imagined so many responses!


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