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my prom night could have been better. i guess the boys were afraid or just didn't want to ask me to it. but, i asked my neighbor. the dress itched, he stuck me with the bill at the fifth quarter and wouldn't dance. but, i got to go to my prom!!!!

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what does no one want to comment about their night or do you just not remember or just not want to remember?
Brenda, sounds like you and me had about the same luck with proms & dating....
don't it though.
I didn't go to my junior prom - the guy I was sort of dating off and on - went to the prom with one of my best friends. My senior prom I went with my future husband and afterwards we went to Bennigans. It was a pretty fun night.
good for you
I always had bad luck with MHS girls. I liked a girl from Tarrant HS, I could not afford to go to 2 proms, so I went to her prom, wish I had went to mine,
i'm seeing more and more that i wasn't i only one who had a rough night that special night.
My jr year I was invited by a sr. I went and had a good time. We ate at Rossi's with a group.I am glad that I got the experience of going to the prom and I had fun with Susan. I guess it would have been better had she been my girlfriend. I didnt go to my sr prom because I didnt have a girlfriend and didnt want to spend all of that money on just some date. atleast susan and I had dated. I wasnt renting a tux for just a date. I didnt really like those type of things anyway. I am not the monkey suit type of guy. I prefer comfortable clothes.
Well, I went to Midfield's 86, 87, 88, and 89 prom with my hubby...good times, good friends, good memories.
I rented a lime green 1977 Monte Carlo and borrowed my buddies girlfriend for the prom.
well aren't you the slickster
I should have asked you to go with me. We both would have had a better prom. You would have looked so good in that chevy next to me. plus I like slightly older women even then.


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