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Could we collectively pool some of the best or most repeated, noted quotes from our fearless leader? My Top 3 memories that I regularly enjoy include:
1) Our trumpet section leader who was "busted" during a concert rehearsal for "grinnin' like a horse eatin' corn.
2) Multiple lines of knowledge and/or instruction regarding the long lost art of basketweaving.

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Memory gets away from me but here's a few that come to mind
Just guessing on a few because can't remeber exacts words
1) If you can't get it right were going run through it again and again until we do
2) your all just a bunch of pansy's
3) are you going to go cry to your mothers
4) heels up and point them toes
5) 22 1/2 inch step
Here's one we use to get alot. "Y'all march like a herd of cattle going to a salt-block"
thats funny, I remember him way up on the podium having fit jumping up on down mad and you would think either he was either going to fall off or it was going to come down. I also remember him enjoying it too.
Ok, here's a few memories from a second chair first clarinetist and Alto clarinet player:

Remember him banging his white plastic wand on the podium until it was FRAYED AT THE ENDS!!! Looked like my hair!

"My heart bleeds peanut butter!!" This he would say to tell us when he a) didn't care how tired we were, b) didn't want to put up with our lip, and c) didn't care that it was 10:00 and freezing on a Thursday night and we wanted to go home instead of practice.

My father was waiting for us in the High School parking lot on one of our many long distant band competitions. He was fuming that we were so late and mad as heck at Mr. Harwell (this was, of course, before cell phones)

Jacksonville State band camp and Dixon Hall
Trophies that were taller than Aaron.
Band sweaters
Broken reeds
Going to first period class after practicing since 7am. (yuck!)
Not only going to class after morning practice, but the practice field always was wet and smelled like sewage!
I remember Mr. Harwell getting mad because we were "honking instead of playing" our horns and "splattering" the notes. I remember him getting upset at practice, throwing his bullhorn and it coming open and batteries flying everywhere and him screaming (standing stiff with his fists clinched and that vein popping out on his neck) "spastics!! you look like Corner High School!!"
And yet, we all still love him today!
You march like a duck
Point those toes
Lay down (on the ground) hold your legs 6 inches high and play that note IN TUNE while keeping the legs up and the stomach tight.
Watching a film on Monday morning from competition from the previous Saturday, and him getting right up to the screen and trying to figure out who it was that was out of step or out of line. Or in my case --- who it was that bent over to pick up a piece of her clarinet that had fallen off while marching and playing down the field.
Him having no pity for those that had braces and had forgot the wax to protect their lips after hours and hours of practicing.
After all that and more - I still love and respect him!
I also remember going to 1st period class with our pants wet up to our knees after morning rehearsal because of the heavy due that early in the morning!!!! YUK
I remember Mr. Harwell throwing me and Sharon Dick out of class for acting like " two monkeys in a cage"!!!! I still tell my students that's the way they are acting!!!!
I so love Mr. Harwell and all the memories.
The one I remember most was the "United We Stand, Divided You Stink"

And the worst was: "a D on your report card, that's worth one lick", or something like that, whatever he said it was followed by the board.
Nothing like being called a 'redneck pansy" first thing in the morning to get the day started right. I had study hall in band second period, so I didn't have the wardrobe issues, but had to listen to the rants if practice was bad that morning.

Hey Blinge, I got thrown out of practice for "looking guilty". That's what I got for sitting next to Roger!!!
Harwell lifted me off the floor with that pattle once for a "D".
It took my breath away. Knocked me across the room, figuratively.
Are you ready for the all-time classic? Had to have been a Thursday night practice session, probably right before a contest. He always got particularly testy then. Of course the Trinity was always "Music , Lines & Feet", right? So Randy finally gets so fed up with our constant botching of even the simplest moves, he just sums it all up with --
What about Mr. Woodall? Let's not forget about him!
I plainly remember him walking backwards up the stands and falling backwards over a chain across the walkway.
What about running laps?
Yet, like others, still respected the man as if he was my father.


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