Midfield High School

Could we collectively pool some of the best or most repeated, noted quotes from our fearless leader? My Top 3 memories that I regularly enjoy include:
1) Our trumpet section leader who was "busted" during a concert rehearsal for "grinnin' like a horse eatin' corn.
2) Multiple lines of knowledge and/or instruction regarding the long lost art of basketweaving.

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Let me clarify myself - Woodall was okay but Harwell got the respect!
i remember him telling us we were "splattering the baby against the wall"
i remember everybody laughing at Woodall after that accident.  We got in trouble for that too!  I think we had to run a lap or two.  It was funny though.LOL

Every time I think of it I laugh out loud!

Two come to mind that I heard a lot: [1] When when we were tired and dragging he'd say, "I bet if Elton John walked in you'd pay attention.....GET WITH IT!!!! [2] My personal favorite is when he'd had enough of the drummers he'd yell, "Dummers" or "Get ouf of my sight".
I remember (later in his years the school would change) him saying "you sound like a train wreck, you sound like Oak Grove.". Or this gem "heel, ball, toe" being screamed at you as you marched and the ever nice to your ears "8 to 5".
Then there was the war cry "Somebody said somethin about....FIRED UP!!!!!!!!!!". Our kinds will never see the like again.
Didn't Mr Harwell say something like he would sew lace on our pants ??? correct me on this,, I remember his music stand, the metal was bent down all around the edge where he had beat on it with his baton. He would call us panises during marching season, come on,,, I played the tuba !!!!
here is one
morons with sticks
can not forget this one "if your wrist moved as fast as your mouth you would be a great drummer" that is a quote heard more then once.
yea there was nothin like a a good taste of tabacco on your reed after he had to show you how to play your sax. or whatever, I'd always think why didn't i play the trumpet they are suppose to be the better kissers,and i wouldn't taste his tobacco spit.
For those who were there in "79, the bench mark was always well it ain't like the '79 band. Every time we stunk there would be some type of statement about the '79 band. This was '83 & '84, I think it was motivation in '83 for the seniors who were freshmen, but carried over to '84, '85 & '86 It would be brought up occasionally. When we needed motivation to be as good as '79. I am assuming the '79 & '80 band, but I didn't think that it mattered at the time( I really didn't want to hear him question me if that was all I was concentrating on).
I remember those comments. All I could think about was here we go again I am being compared to my sister Teresa. I guess it could have been worse, he could have said "78 and got both Pam and Teresa in there. I also remember "run, oh just run til I say stop". I knew when he said that we were going to be there a while. Boy I miss those days.


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