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Like many of you, I've found some long lost friends on this site. But maybe you're like me and have a few folks you'd still like to locate to see what they're up to, and how they're doing, and if they're out on good behavior yet--you get the idea. Here are some of the names on my list. If you know where any of these folks are, let em know they should come by and sign up, or just send me their email address because I've never been real shy and I'll just email them myself. You'll see a decided Midwood Avenue connection on my list:

Patrick Arnold
Joe Hallford - has joined the site now
Scott Hallford - has joined the site now
Troy Collins
Trina Collins
Sherri Dutton - has joined the site now
Tammy Hudspeath - well at least Butch is on the site now, I guess Tammy doesn't like us anymore.
Jimmy Goodwin

I could go on, but that's my most wanted list. See any of these folks on a regular basis? How about your list?

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Linda and Bobby Boutwell
John Montgomery
Jay Larkin
Wade"Hook" Hamlett
Leigh and Jamie McGee
Marylyn Vaughn
Billy Mitchell
Tammy and Sherry Wright
Where the h&!! is Shannon and Shelly Quinn
That is just a few from my list. I could go on all night..
Billy Mitchell and Kelly Kunz got married and have a bunch of kids. They live in the Dallas area. I sent Kelly email about this site.John Montgomery is on here. Sherry Wright is a nurse practitioner I think. She used to work at Princeton.
Ken - I graduated with Kelly's older brother, Scott. Would appreciate if you could pass my contact information to her, so she could pass it on to Scott (that is a lot of steps, but thanks): rbritton@thehackettgroup.com
Hey Bubba, I graduated with Linda Boutwell. She was my best friend. I still talk to her once or twice a year. She is married with a couple of kids and lives in Sumiton. Bobby married but I'm not sure where he is living. Mr. Boutwell passed away a few years ago and Mrs. Boutwell moved out towards fultondale I think.
The last time I talked to Jay Larkin,he was living on a hunnerd foot houseboat down on the Warrior and was a manager for Wal-Mart.Cant remember if it was Pelham or Alabaster store.
Jamie McGee lives in Vance AL his email address is: mcgeejamie@bellsouth.net
John Montomery is on this site. Just put his name in the search.
Here are a few that I would like to know how to reach:
Martha Horton
Dusty Dutton
Neal Hemphill
Gene Pope
Twilia Glover

This, this like your is just a few of many.
Neal Hemphill is living in Trussville...his little girl is at my school (where I teach)...Shannon Quinn lives in Moody...
I thought they got divorced. Thats sad to hear about Jerry. Keith used to work for him.
where's genie hemphill?


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