Midfield High School

Some of these people I was friendly with, others I just remember from school. Frankie Darden, Denise Lonergan, Katrina Lambert, Debbie Nelson, John Pate, Dannette McSweeney, Angie Headley, Patty Brody, the Wilsons-Mary, Collette and Valerie, James Giada, Cindy and Sandy Cleary, Tommy Weldon, Robbie Hamilton. Those are the ones I can remember for now.

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john pate passed away in the 90s. he was 35 yrs old i think. he was my brother mikes good friend..
wow...that's so sad to hear. I remember John Pate playing his guitar and singing, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain"...in a talent show at Rutledge. He had a broken arm and somebody else had to strum the guitar for him.
yea! I remember it. he had bobby catoe on drums & i think the guy's name
that was stroming the strings for john was steve hudchetson. I remember
we all called him O' big. because he was big & tall
Oh my goodness!! I was much younger, but I vividly remember that b/c of someone else strumming the guitar. Weird the tidbits you remember!
Did Patty graduate around 1979 ? dark haired ?
Yea debbie nelson passed away back april 1 2000 she had a anurism. of the brain.
do you know donald donald?
Sean is Donald Donald's brother. Donny goes by the name of Donald Boyette now. They were my neighbors.
thanks teresa, where is donald? do you know?
Thanks for asking and thanks teresa for telling her. Don lives in wylam he never married . But he:s doing well thanks for asking.
It's been several years ago, but the last I knew of Keith Hill was he retired from the Navy and married a girl in North Carolina. They are both in the real estate business.


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