Midfield High School

Some of these people I was friendly with, others I just remember from school. Frankie Darden, Denise Lonergan, Katrina Lambert, Debbie Nelson, John Pate, Dannette McSweeney, Angie Headley, Patty Brody, the Wilsons-Mary, Collette and Valerie, James Giada, Cindy and Sandy Cleary, Tommy Weldon, Robbie Hamilton. Those are the ones I can remember for now.

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Does anyone know the whereabouts or info on Mark Crumpton, class of 75 or 76?
Debbie Nelson I think works or worked last year at Premiere Chevrolet Academy Drive Exit. John Pate passed away at least 10 years ago I do believe.
danette mcsweeney is good friends with my brother jack and visits him frequently, let me know if u want to contact her.
and patsy brodie died several years ago i think drug overdose. last time i spoke with robbie hamilton she was living in smiths camp warrior river but that was several years ago.
How about Ginger and gentry nabors? I can't find them


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