Midfield High School

Come on people let's have some fun and a few laughs!
Tell everybody what your favorite and least favorite lunchroom food was. Or if you have any funny stories that happened in the lunchroom please share them.
My favorite school lunch was the Chili, oh man them ladys could cook some darn good chili. With those peanut butter or grill cheese sandwiches. My least favorite I guess was the soybean burgers, them thangs was so dry you needed two cartons of milk and one orange-aid just to get them down!

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Favorite food......Chili (best I've ever eaten....to this day)/ rolls

Worst food day......sub sandwich day

I guess my funny story was something Rick Trammel used to do to the old black man who took the dirty trays at the window. Rick found out that he was kinda off in the head and would keep saying "thank you" if you kept saying it back......so I go up to the window with Rick and he hands the guy his tray and the guy says "thank you"......and Rick replies "Thank YOU" and they went back and forth about 10 times each. It was a "had to be there moment" but very funny.
Yeah I remember that guy! Good one Big-T!
Funny thing, I don't hardly ever remember eating that food. Me and Shannon McWhorter had a bad habit of writting ourselves notes to check out. Shannon would always want to go to his house he would write himself a check and sign his mothers name to it and then take it down to that grocery store (I think Winn Dixie) in the Midfield Shopping center and cash it. Then we would go eat a lot of times at Speedy Gonzales that use to be over by the fairgrounds or sometimes go visit another school. I guess my favorite memory about the lunchroom is not hardly ever being there.
Favorite - the Rolls
Worst - Tater Tots with the Pizza, and the spaghetti with the grease floating on top (yuk)
gross candie but you got right. i guess i have to go along with the chili. does anybody remember the fight that broke out between coach(i forgot his name) and that student?
Oh yeah, now I remember the food. I was reading this whole thread and could never remember any of the food. I do remember the spaghetti with the grease. It's yuk now, but it really didn't taste that bad. I always hated our pregame meals before a football game. My baked potato was always half raw.
my all time favorite, and the only time I would eat at the school, was when we had chili, or chili dogs! I loved those foot long chili dogs and fries so greasy they were limp! Also, to this day, I love the smell of chili cooking with fresh sliced oranges somewhere nearby! (The rolls were awesome too - and peanut butter squares - these I remember more from elementary school though)
LOL!!! There's nothing worst than a greasy limp 12' chili dog!!!LOL
Oh! I get it now, the fries were greasy and limp!!!! Sorry!!!
ooooooooooohhhhh yeah those wonderful peanut butter squares.........now I'm sad.
One of my customers was a lunch room lady that made those peanut butter squares. I got her to give me the recipe. Only problem is, the recipe called for half poud of sugar, 4 large jars of Jif. You get the idea. Shoulda made them for the cookout.
Wasn't a calculator laying around huh¿¿¿¿
god i wish i knew how to make those peanut butter squares!!!


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