Midfield High School

Come on people let's have some fun and a few laughs!
Tell everybody what your favorite and least favorite lunchroom food was. Or if you have any funny stories that happened in the lunchroom please share them.
My favorite school lunch was the Chili, oh man them ladys could cook some darn good chili. With those peanut butter or grill cheese sandwiches. My least favorite I guess was the soybean burgers, them thangs was so dry you needed two cartons of milk and one orange-aid just to get them down!

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naw you were just distracted
I normally skipped lunch to save my "lunch money" for Christmas & B'day presents, but when I did decide to eat, I guess I would have to say the ROLLS were my favorite!!
Cabbage rolls with that groung mystery meat in the middle...still can't face cabbage!
I miss schoolhouse rolls. WAAAH!!!!
I'm with Candie - the rolls.
I loved the rectangle pizza on Fridays, and I always got a sweet tea for a quarter! Everyone would sit with their hands over their tea cups or risk getting trash thrown in them, LOL. it was an unspoken code!

As George Bush would say, I might be "misremembering" this, and I think it may have taken place at Wilkes Junior rather than at MHS. I'll never forget Doug Story (may he rest in peace) taking a large amount of those woefully overcooked, gray-green English peas, mash them to a pulp, place them between the two halves of his roll, and chow down. I've never touched an English pea to this day.


While at MHS, I drove a 1970 Chevy Nova and so did our one-armed pincipal at the time. Lots of us skipped at lunch and went to Burger King. One day Mike Murphy (R.I.P.), Randy Hancock, and possibly others were returning to school from their quick trip through the drive-up window. As they were coming down the long straightaway on High School Drive, they noticed a gold Nova coming toward them, Thinking it was me, they all waved their Burger King bags out the car window - but it wasn't me. Every time I saw them for the next week, I would double over laughing. Ah, good times.




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