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The search continues......Pam's son Jake left for Afghanistan on Thursday he arrived safely and seemed to be in a good mood when he called. Pam's father in- law had a heart attack and is on life support in Pensacola so Don spent Easter with his Dad. The only way this family is surviving is through your constat prayers .....so keep it up.

The boston butt sale went great. There were 335 pre sold and they were delicious. A yard sale is planned for early April. Thanks to you out of towners who couldn't buy a butt so you made a donation!!

Texas Equusearch suggested we continue our search state by state, contacting by email.... every shelter, hospital, police department, mental hospitals, and medical examiners. This is a HUGE undertaking for the small group of us that is working hard to find Pam. If you can help us email me and I will assign you a state to google the information and a picture to send them. I am not computer savvy so if any of you have a suggestion to get this information out in a faster way we are always ready for help that will get Pam home where she belongs.

Patty Moore

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yea google me, i'm not computer savvy but will do what i can re519@hotmail.com
i will help ,email me at bbigbee7978@charter.net.i'll take a state.
thank you so much for the update. i haven't missed a day praying for god to see this through. and for god to hold the family in his hand, for comfort and guidance, and i wont stop until i read that the whole of the sum are back where each one belongs. and all is as close to right with their world as possible.i haven't heard anything on my state, yet, but, marie's computer got a problem so i sent hers for her and the man,mark criss emailed me back and said that he would distribute flyers in lansing in all the shelters for me. that's all the info i have right now.when i have more i will pass it along. and i pray this can help, if nothing else but eliminate this place. let paula know i'm praying as hard as i know how and let the family know they are always in our hearts and minds. bren
Actually Patty, posting it on here helps a great deal. I work at ABC 33/40 and we've done many many stories on Pam and the fundraisers for the family. I check this site several times a week and use some of the information as a springboard to contact family or investigators for new stories. We're all praying in our newsroom for Pam's safe return!!!!!
The search for 52 year old Pam Biggers is moving into it's 5th month.

But there may be a light at the end of the tunnel in finding the Hueytown woman who was last scene at a Panama City LaQuinta Inn.

Biggers' sister Paula Thomas recently received a call from a 419 area code, but she missed the call and no message was left.

Thomas says she believes that call was in reference to her missing sister. "I want that person to call me back so desperately, I understand why they don't, it just made me sick that i missed that phone call."

But that missed call to Paula Thomas, isn't the only strange phone call to be made last week regarding this case. Now Bay County Deputies acknowledge they too have received several tips originating from Ohio. Most of those numbers have gone back to a mental health clinic here in Mansfield.

Both Thomas and the Sheriff's department have since attempted to confirm that Biggers is a patient at "The Center For Individual and Family Services" but by law the clinic cannot confirm a patients status without written permission.

Investigator. Mitch Pitts says this isn't the first time an investigation has been slowed by privacy laws. "It causes a lot of problems. There's been problems that we've suffered before with the HIPAA laws. That you know... It's meant to protect peoples privacy but it sometimes interferes with us being able to locate people we need to locate, like in this case."

Further complicating this matter, Thomas believes Biggers is suffering from Amnesia and doesn't know who she is. "It is very disheartening that there's a possibility she could be in that facility or someone there has seen her and they cannot let the family know."

Since those phone calls last week, Pam Biggers family has been monitoring BLOGs in Ohio and believe they have found further confirmation that Biggers is in Mansfield..

The family says one more confirmation and they'll be heading to Ohio themselves.
that does sound like light at the end of the tunnel. and i pray to the good lord that it can be the end of what's got to be such a nightmare for this family.
Oh, my. I just saw this most recent update. I was so hoping that something would have come from this lead. Still praying for Pam's safe return. God bless you all.
I just found this site and have been reading and getting caught up. Just now came across this abuot Pam Biggers. My family's thoughts and prayers are continuing to be with her family. Please give Randy my love, he is a friend of me and my husband Scottie.
The word on Pam is still getting around. They have her missing poster up at the rest-stop on I-65 south about half way between Birmingham and Montgomery. It is encouraging to know that people have not given up. JUst thought I would let everyone know. It is not much, but it is something, and anything is better than nothing
Ken Mitchell


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