Midfield High School

We all know we had one. That guy or gal who made our hearts go pitter pat when they strolled down the hall. Maybe you had the nerve to say something, maybe you had to keep it to yourself. Whatever the situation, tell it all now! Who was your secret crush?

Mine: Todd Ingram (kept that one to myself), Ken Morris (told him and his lovely wife Joy at the Superior Grill do-hickey), Bunky Lawley.

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most of my brothers friends at one time or another. guess the worst one was buddy sisson. i would run and go put on make up when i knew he was coming and he would be gone by the time i got ready.. then i would get sad..he was always real nice to me as a kid though.....
HA, Jeff Waid! And he didnt give me the time of day! Wonder where he is now?
LOL - Well let him know that I had a HUGE crush on him in highschool! If you have any photos I'd love to see how is looks now!
Tell him I said hello and I'm divorced too! LOL
Jeff works for Jeffcoat ind. He is single and lives off of brooklane with his dad. Just a tid bit of info for ya.
To many to name. I m like Lee I think most knew when i had crushes on them.
Crushes,where do i begin? Terry Rushing was my brothers best friend and i had the biggest crush on him.He never noticed that because he was Randys friend.He is my nephew in law now.How funny is that? also my secret crush was Steve Brandon,He was so cute i just grinned every time he came close. He sat under a blanket with me for like 5minutes at a game or competition once and i just melted.Never saw me again after that but i still remember.
Didnt Terry Rushing drive a little white car?
dont remember his car wasnt looking at that.Ha Ha.
Hey, Steve was one of my favorite regulars till the doctor told him to quit drinking....he don't come around no more, and we all miss him. No more Steph-AHN! :(
Mine were Kim McNair & Lynn Smith.
Several girls,, a couple were older than me,,,,,, no luck with any of them,,


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