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Does anyone remember Pharoah's Pool Hall on the Bessemer Super Hwy across from Roy Buckner Chevrolet? How about Cue-N-Break in Five Posts West next to the Movie Theaters under the Parking deck. We would hang out some times on top of the parking deck in 5-points, the Bham Police ran us off most the time. We would cruise through Shoney's in Midfield, when it had Drive-In and would cruise down to the Shoney's on 3rd Ave West and sometimes to the Shoney's Downtown Bham. I remember Mike Pope (class of 74) working at the Shoney's Downtown. We used to go to The Bama Drive-In Movies. Sort of across from Holiday Bowl in Bessemer. There was a drive-in resturant there too, I think it was the Bama also, But I could be wrong, that was a looooong time ago and a few thousand brain cells ago.

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Speaking of the parking deck in 5 points, do you remember hearing the story that some guy stood up in a convertible and it slammed his head into the concrete above and somebody had splattered red paint on the concrete that was supposed to be blood. I remember the Shoney's and riding around and around then make the rounds to the other Shoney's. Occasionally we would buy some food when we had the money. I had totally forgotten about the Bama drive-in and the drive-in restaurant I remember was called Paul's Park and Eat and had the best onion rings and poh-boy sandwiches. Also spent lots of time at the Holiday Bowl, bowling (if you can call it that, I wasn't very good) we would bowl from midnight til four in the morning. After bowling we would sometimes go to the IHop in Vestavia and that seemed like a million miles away. Does anybody remember going to Brighton Drug Store and getting an ice cream cone for a nickle and it was huge. No wonder I got fat it seems as though I was always eating. Great memories!!
Hey Anita, that's right I had forgotten the name, but it was Hector. Thanks for the reminder.
I remember stopping in the deck several times to see Hector's blood.
Leave it to the girls to remember the details, I guess us guys fried too many brain cells doing various things we shouldn't have. Great memory Anita, thanks for jogging the skull of cobb-webs. "RIP Hector"
I remember the Q n Break !! foosball & pool tables,,do remember the "Super Sandwich Shop" when it was close to the old "BlueBird" truck stop ? Speaking of the "Bluebird",,,they had good food there before it burned down, the resturant by the drive-in was Pauls ,,one more, how about the Spinning Wheel in Bessemer,,,,great ice cream !! Cindy,, remember bowling from 12-4 AM did it many times too !
Loved the Super Sandwich Shop, never ate at the Blue Bird but did go in there one time when the annual staff was trying to sale adds we thought it would be funny to have an add from the Blue Bird but we didn't make a sale. I had forgotten that the Blue Bird had burned. Also agree the Spinning Wheel in Bessemer great ice cream and the milk shakes were the best. And yes Greg...bowling from midnight to 4:00 am it just always seemed like you were doing something that you shouldn't be doing just because it was after Midnight because my wise old Grandmother used to say nothing but trouble happens after midnight!!
Was the resturant by the drive-in called Pauls or Paulsons ?
Hey Gregg, I had my parents over today for a Father's Day Lunch and while they were here I jogged their memories about the eating place and my Mom said the place down close to the old drive-in was Paul's Park and Eat, she did remember a Paulson's but couldn't remember where it was. Now my Dad is 79 and my Mom is 76 so she could be wrong. Anyway still fun memories. Hope all you Dad's out there had a Happy Fathers Day!!!!
Yes, Paul's Park and Eat was by the Bama Drive-In. Paulson's Restaurant was the restaurant over by what's now Church's Chicken. Last I remember, it was called Ma Reatha's, but it was Paulson's a long while back.
Yeah, you are right about it being Paul's. I remember "Paulson's" now.
Yes, bowling 12-4, great times there too. Honestly though was everytime you said you were bowling 12-4, where you? I know of 3-4 times I used that one to stay out later. I appreciate the spark to the brain cells with the name Pauls, that was a good spot and so was Sandwich Shop, Bluebird, though it could be a little scary at times. I do remember The Spinning Wheel, they also had on on 3rd Ave West not far from Sammy's. Leave it to a guy to remember where Sammy's was, I know. I wish I had a dollar for every time we drove from Bham to Bessemer up and down Bessemer Super Hwy. wasn't it Browsville police who was always stopping us as we would go through there? I couldn't go through Lipscomb or Pleasant Grove without getting pulled over, so I just avoided those two areas. Did any of you ever hang out at WVOK on the Highway? The McDonalds on The Highway in Central Park, remeber when we could sit and watch then cut the French Fries, fresh from actual potatos. There was a place in Five Points West next to the Service Staion that served eggs, steaks, etc 24 hours, I think it was called Steak & Eggs??? I could be wrong!
Did you families ever eat at Porter's Cafeteria on the balcony over Herrin's Drug store close to the McDonalds in Central Park, that was my first job not counting grass-cutting. I can remember the line of people being all the way down the steps into the Drug store, especially on Sundays. Britlings in Five Points, I believe that is a Library now. That was a big event for us to eat at one of those places.
It was too expensive for my family to eat at places like; Carnaggios, Jimez, The Bright Star, or even The Ensley Grill, that was big-time eating places when I was a kid. I did finally get to take my parents to all these places once I had my own job and could afford to. My dear ole Dad had a hard time for a while going to these places but enjoyed the food so well it became easier.
My older brother Jeff, when he was a teenager in the early 60's, was a regular at the Super Sandwich Shop and had his first job there. He was very olive-skinned, and had the nickname "Dago" because of that. He always drank 7-Up with a little cherry juice in it, and they named the drink the "Dago" because of him. As far as I know, it was on the menu for as long as there was a Super Sandwich Shop.


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