Midfield High School

Does anyone remember Pharoah's Pool Hall on the Bessemer Super Hwy across from Roy Buckner Chevrolet? How about Cue-N-Break in Five Posts West next to the Movie Theaters under the Parking deck. We would hang out some times on top of the parking deck in 5-points, the Bham Police ran us off most the time. We would cruise through Shoney's in Midfield, when it had Drive-In and would cruise down to the Shoney's on 3rd Ave West and sometimes to the Shoney's Downtown Bham. I remember Mike Pope (class of 74) working at the Shoney's Downtown. We used to go to The Bama Drive-In Movies. Sort of across from Holiday Bowl in Bessemer. There was a drive-in resturant there too, I think it was the Bama also, But I could be wrong, that was a looooong time ago and a few thousand brain cells ago.

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Yes remember it well first time I played on a regulation table.those tables seemed so long and wide.I remember my first real job at Sonny Koonce's Shell service station .I worked 6:00 p.m. till 6:00a.m. seven days a week $1.65 hr..Many mornings walk over to Tas T O doughnuts and they would give us their day old doughnuts. we'de go up to the super sandwich shop and get a large B B Q and a diago drink.Saturday mornings go to the Midfield Theater and watch movies for six coca cola bottle caps and 50 cents .We didn't know how good we had it.


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