Midfield High School

Today a couple of friends and I put our leathers fired up our bikes and took off.We have the Bankhead National forest right beside us so we started our journey.This time of year the forest is bursting with color ,trees are turning we had a large buck deer cross with mother and fawn in tow .We rode in to the town of Moulton there is a store that has Indian artifacts and some of the best boild peanuts.We stoped there and enjoyed the afternoon.We then proceded south back to the town of Double Springs through the forest.Then we headed home .Threre's no point to this story just thought I'd share my afternoon with everyone .Take time to look at the simple things and enjoy that's what god gave them to us for.May God bless

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I don't know if you remember me - Randy Hancock and I were close friends with Mike during high school.


It looks like thing are going well for you - stay safe on the bike.


I just wanted to touch base with you . . . seeing your post on here brought back a ton of memories. Thanks.


Mike Lankford


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