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Does anyone know what became of Monty Hyche, Mike Hyche, Davie Hyche, or, Roger Karr We all grow up in the Highlands together. Would love to learn about them, and how they are doing.

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Hi Scott.  I don't know if you remember me since we never really ran around together.  I remember you from your old photos.  Unfortunately, I don't know what became of these guys and hope you don't mind me posting this here.  I used to live on Freda Drive and was friends of Roger Carr (believe it was a "C" instead of a "K", but not sure), Monty & Mike Hyche, Harold Lenoir (RIP), Vann Sykes, Boyd & Steve Hitt, Jack (Tick) Colley, Ray Ryals (likely RIP but not confirmed), Mark Whiten, Dean Miller, Steve Young, Tim Glover, Robin & Ritchie Ragan, Randall Thompson, John Laminack, Curtis Boartfield, David Moody, Joey Whitehead, Billy Hawkins, Larry Jennings, Jimmy & Terry Harbison, Randy & Ronny Burke, Jay Fancher (maybe RIP), Steve Rice, John Brown, Bobby Deason, & Billy Hawkins.  I didn't mean to turn this into a such a long list but the names just kept coming back to me.  Amazing since the ole' memory isn't what it once was.  At any rate, I've been trying to locate Roger Carr for a long time.  If you, or anyone else for that matter, know anything about the whereabouts of any of these guys, I'd sure appreciate hearing from you.  Best regards, Ronnie Franks.  (franks1234@att.net)


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