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It is time to start thinking about our 30 year Reunion. We need help contacting everyone. This site will play a big role in getting that together. Please leave your name, address, etc so we can begin our list.
Karen (Richards) Bulion is still the President around here, I am the Vice President, and we see Kim (kline) Tyra at church every Sunday - and that is about all we have so far. If you are interested in helping get the reunion together, your help would be much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from all of the "Class of 80" soon.

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Hi Skeeter and Karen - I hope to be able to be there for this momentous event. Is it really possible that it's been 30 years? I keep waiting to grow up. Anyway, here's my info - if I can help from a distance I will.

Ann Miller Webb awebb59@cfl.rr.com
4531 Ironstone Circle
Orlando, FL 32812
Hey Everyone!
Don't know how to use my 'puter' very good,,,just got it for the kids. If I could help in anyway, please call home @ 205-285-9516 or my least opportunity from hearing from anyone, I usually leave my cell at home or when I'm might be shopping.
Let's do our 30TH!!!

Thomas Barnett
Morris E. Temple (BusterTemple)

7600 Ayers Lane
Ooltewah Tennessee, 37363

Hey, its been a long time . Last reunion i went too was the 10th, and had a blast . look foward to it. if i can help just let me know.
Laurie Love Creamer
453 Hoover Road
Odenville, Alabama 35120

Sounds great keep me informed
Skeeter and Karen -- I am in and will be glad to help.

Karen -- maybe I will see you at the Community Furniture Bank Family picnic again this year. It is the 29th of August. Same place and same band (I hear). This time the food is from your brother!!!

Daphne Ingram Legg
636 Bluff Park Road
Hoover, AL 35226

823-2344 home
903 5076 cell
Who can one email with their information? I will post this on the MHS myspace page as well!
Cindi Gentry McGee
c/o 83
Would love to have a 30th reunion. Here's my into: Laurie Love Creamer
453 hoover road
Odenville, Al. 35120
Give me a call if you need help!


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