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Let's see how this goes.  I would like to start a new idea of MHS Night at a place each second Tuesday night of each month.  We could start off, let's say at Lloyd's, then the next month could be Two Pesos in Pelham, then Superior Grill, Jim and Nicks, etc.  These are just examples, give me your thoughts and join the discussion and let's see if we can make this happen.  I know everyone can't make it all the time but at least every other one possible.  We will open it up to all and see how it goes, I can post the event on the main page.  We will have to see how many may want to come to decide where or what.  Some could be a picnic type format as the weather permits, even the actual day could be changed for this type event, ie Saturday for a picnic.  We would have to plan like a month in advance so we could use March to plan for an April event.  Join in and let's see what happens.

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Ok, just let me know.  I have missed the past few get togethers and would love to join in even though I probably won't recognize anyone, I don't recognize myself most days, lol.
You would be surprised at how quick you can recognize those you have seen in a while...
It sounds great to me, I love anytime I get to spend with my friends.  Count us in that is Dean and I we would enjoy it.  Like you said might not be able to make it every time but will be there when we can. 

The idea sounds good. I also like an event on a weekend so the out of town-ers could come

Yeah, I think changing it every once in a while would be a good thing.  The regularity though of setting it as the second Tuesday of each month is to spark interest with checking on it on a regular basis...  I think another picnic type format would be great even a couple of times.  The one they had at the Ramey's Farm seem to be a good one.
Sounds good to me!
we would be  ini depending on school work and schedule but would be interested.. would have gone to alot one but didnt know about it..
I think that sounds like a Great Idea Randy !! Like you said we all may not be able to make it each tuesday, but some is better than none !!
Excellent Idea..... A set opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones. Bravo!
Randy, I like this idea. It would be a "regular" event. Even this old folk could remember the second Tuesday of each month....I hope.

And I was also thinking of the picnic we had at Brierfield and would love to do that again before it gets so hot.


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