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Ok guys and gals get ready . Football starts in 17 days and we will use this forum as the monday morning QB . Did your team do great or did they lay an egg ? What coach screwed up ? Did Finebaum tick you off ? Any gripes or praises feel free to express your feelings . Talk as much " smack" as you want just PLEASE keep it as clean as possible . This is open to any team , not just Auburn and Alabama.........Have fun !

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If little Nicky thinks that the media should believe that WKy has a chance, he needs to return to Smurfville. I think he has "little-big man syndrome". Him being short and small likely got him treated unkindly during his childhood years. But now that he is on the top of the college football coaching heap, he bullies others as he may have been bullied growing up. He is a great coach. Likely better than the Bear, IMO. But as a person, he will always be little Nicky. Using his position to be the big man he isn't.

I understand the rant from the coaching standpoint trying to keep his team in focus, but come on, you don't have to put others down to make yourself taller. It was an action of personality than a act of coaching IMO. There are other ways to get the attention of the team than to berate others.

I'm sitting here watching "the debacle wit' de bulldogs", YUCK! SPIT! GAG!

4th qtr, 28-10 and not a prayer in site! 53 years old, I never have seen an AU team this bad. Where is Doug Barfield these days? Who is calling the plays? QB Draw on 3rd and 19? Why not just hand the ball to Miss St rather than have to go thru the play? PUT A DIFFERENT QB IN!!! DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! ANYTHING!!! PUT THE PUNTER IN AT QB. Just do something different. Try to play football even!!! McCaleb right- minus three yds. McCaleb left- minus three yds. Just forfiet the last 5 minutes!!!! Frazier is Auful. 4 turnovers. He should have a red nose and clown shoes on.

Don't even get me started of the defense. I am trying to retain my sanity.

I really do think Gene is better than this...  I don't know if he has surrounded himself with idiots or doesn't have any control of his players.  I know Tommy was better than this, there has to be some underlying issue that is keeping any cohesion with this team.  I didn't get to watch much but from what I have heard Frazier evidently is stinkin it up pretty bad.  I know you want to help you QB build confidence but what about the team's confidence.  I've heard of good recruiting since the National Championship but maybe too many "hotdogs" in the recruiting.  Maybe Cam was that good of a motivator but to me that is hard to believe because the coaches should be able to take over there.  Defence-wize, sure miss Will!!!!!  There is always need week but honestly at this rate Gene may not have many more next weeks, that National Championship RIng is tarnishing Quickly at this rate.....  (My Opinion)  I like Gene too......  I hope they find the answer SOON!!!

BTW....AJ sure looks good today, look good last week too, the accuracy of those throws are spot on....

Yes Prayers to all, especially the Tulane player, heart-breaking site....  What was up with the sacks?????  Hard to believe the strongest assets we had returning let them sack AJ 6-7 times.....  That could be a sore subject with Arkansas coming and they (Ark) will have blood in their eyes after their loss yesterday.....  I'm sure Nick will have some EXTRA drills for the blocking assignments today....  They have probably been on the field a while!!!  LOL!!!

Well.........I dont even know what too say........Apparantly we do not have a backup QB, or maybe we have three backups and not a starter......Frazier was AWFUL!!!!!....we havent been this bad since Gabe Gross had to QB that awful team we had after Bowden jumped ship. I expect Auburn too get better, but that was Pathetic......The defense is not getting enough blame, they were awful at times ...AGAIN.....I dont see any energy, enthusiasm, or leadership.......Its pretty sad when you are going too have to get fired up to play LMU, and if you dont think they cant beat Auburn just ask the hogs....I cant wait until two weeks when LSU comes in and pushes our tails all around Jordan Hare.....we will be physically destroyed!..........UGH...WDE anyway

DAVE..............we are in TROUBLE.........We werent much better today . We showed some flashes, but way too many holes........Gonna be a long year buddy!

I agree with a capital "T"! I wasn't impressed with anything except the kicking team. I expect us to gain some yds against LAMONROE. But I expected more scoring. IF Blakely hadn't fumbled on the 3yd line, it wouldn't have seemed as but because we never would have went to overtime. But its gonna be a long year and the hotseat should have gotten a little hotter  today. It looks like we haven't had a top fifty recruiting class much less two top fives. I attribute that to coaching.


Keep the faith and War Eagle anyway.


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