Midfield High School

My ...... Hurts. Getting older aint for sissies. What ails ya?

For me Thinning hair, Thickening waist, Getting taller as I age (it's harder to clip the toenails is absolute proof), Longer rest periods for shorter activities, Finding pants that fit, False teeth that hurt (For $15000 they should be capable of feeding me including buying the groceries cooking and cleaning yup),  being able to forget much easier, creaky bones and crazy sleepless nights.

My biggest hurt was getting clobbered by an elephant at the zoo on the third friday in October 1994. She hit me so hard that I went from 6 foot to 5 foot 10 inches tall. She didn't want to leave her dinner to be on TV with Big Al the rolltide mascot.

And this one hurt awhile... What's the secret to removing a penile cather after having a drunken motorcycle accident and waking up stashed in the backroom of the ER?  I can guaranDAMNteese ya that yanking that THANG out outta my THANG was not one of my smarter ideals.  

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