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Mike Warren
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  • Los Angeles CA naw Birmingham Aladamnbama
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Music you like that everyone else thinks bites the biggun
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Current Hometown:
Los Angeles California naw Birmingham Aladamnbama
About Me:
Well here I'm am so far from home. It's weird being in the desert. It has rained 3 times in 2007 so far. I'm trying to be a photographer and have a few photos posted on my website These are mainly LA sexy glamour style photos. I've been lucky with having lots of models pose for me. My muse is a former miss photogenic from the miss universe contest and she was miss phillipines. I've taken about 19000 photographs of her so far.

I ride a harley davidson xl1200c with a custom paint job that looks like a lizard. It's fast low and sexy. I do the crazy lane spliting thru trafiic. It has a scoop intake like a dragster.

I've been here in LA for 7 years now. Venice Beach and Beverly Hills and Hollywood are all close to where I live. I'm renting a little house in Culver City that I share with my roommate , a 28 year old Kurdish Girl from Turkey who grew up in Sweden.

I've been robbed of my laptop a few weeks ago so I'm not able to post a photo here right now but I will soon.

I was a zookeeper for 6 years 1990-1996 other than that I've been working with computers since 1978. I married 3 times and got it right just once. the second time but was widowed in 2000. I'm married now but seperated and have not seen my wife in 6 weeks. It's been 2 years now. LUCKY ME!!!! I guess I'll never see her again now as she has moved to Oregon as of July 2008.

I'd like to move back but it will be a couple of years before I can. It's hard living here, everything is so expensive.

Does anyone know how to contact my brother Gregg Warren? I'd really like to contact him. I've not heard from him in 3 years now. He might live near Jeff State in the robinwood/fultondale area.

I'm a secretary of an AA group located in Hollywood on Vine Street near Hollywood Blvd. I did that for a year but now I'm back to being somewhat normal again.

Have I meet any famous people? Yes. Mike Tyson, Melanie Griffth, Alex Desert (Jake from Decker) David Faustino (Bud from Married with Childern). I was at the South Central Farm with Joan Beaz and Daryl Hannah the morning it was raided by 600 sheriffs deputies in riot gear.
Joan song and played on acoustic guitar Imagine by John Lennon at 3am while she was chained to the tree.
Hulk Hogan I saw him riding a harley in downtown LA, Stone Cold Steve Austin I saw roller blading at Venice Beach.

Lately I saw a show at the Hollywood Bowl. Great place for a concert!

I just put a new photo of me. Can you believe that I'm a blonde?

Finally I'm planning on moving back to Alabama. I hope to be there sometime in June 2009. I did make it here June 8th. Invite me to dinner as I ain't got a job and I can EAT. I'll make ya feel like a great host.

Well 2185 miles from LA to Phoenix to a broken belt on the freeway in DAMNIT New Mexico to El Paso where I locked the key in the van to Alibeine Texas to Vickburg Mississippi to CenterPoint Alabama. I'm here now and glad to be here.

This fat old balding guy with no teeth has got himself a beautiful girlfriend half his age that drives a vette. She's the blonde in my photos.

Now I just need a job and I'll have everything covered. But I will be working next month at the scaryhouse at Sloss furnace. That will be great fun. I hope that I get a chance to scare you down there.

Well now I'm working in Midfield at Valhalla Cemetery

Here's another link of my photos www.jmichaelphotography.com/californiagirls this is a slide show of about 100 shots or more.
Favorite Music:
Marie LaVeau was the famous voodoo priestess from New Orleans. She lived near what is now called the French quarters.
One of her biggest mojos was the fact that she had so many kids, fertility was important as that made for more kids to share the work.
She had 2 sets of 4 girls, 2 sets of 3 girls, 3 sets of twin girls for a total of 22 daughters.
Marie LaVeau was by profession a hairdresser. In those days hair dressers did much more than just cut hair, they also stitched wounds, lanced boils, delivered babies, pulled teeth and most anything thing that a doctor would do today. One big thing was preparing potions
To cure or aid certain body functions such as willow bark for headaches.
Voodoo had its origins from the slaves captured in Africa and Haiti. It was not allowed to be practiced and was punishable by death
in the cruelest of fashions. A big social event of the times was to go to Jackson Square which was the site of many executions during
this time. The hanging tree still stands today. It’s the big oak tree in the rear left side just in front of the cathedral. The weekly executions
were held each saturday and were a family event including a picnic lunch. Bets would be placed on which quarter of the body would have
The majority of the entrails trailing from it as the most exciting method of execution was quartering by tieing each arm and leg to one of 4
horses which were made to stampede in 4 directions. Drunkenness and fornication in public was common here.
So the mojo beliefs were merged with the catholic religion as a disguise.
Voodoo Dolls French Quarters Nawlins.
Marie LeVeau tended to all peoples and she had an intelligence network of other hairdressers who tended to other people. Then as now
Much gossip was the norm to the hairdressers and they entered all homes at on time or another doing their duty. So Marie knew much
about all the people. She was a free person of colour as they were called, meaning she was not a slave owned by anyone. She was a
Maroon which meant she was 3/4 black and 1/4 European. She was the most powerful person in the city and was sought out by everyone
including the politians, judges, priests, rich and poor alike. It was claimed that she could be in two places at once, but her oldest daughter looked exactly like her.
She lived during the time of the yellow fever epidemic. Life was cheap as anyone could die anyday. Everyday was lived as though it was the last. Noone knew it was caused by mosquito bites. They just know that they could drop dead anytime.
As New Orleans was the richest city in the Americas because of the shipping from Europe and from down the Mississippi River. Life was hedonistic to say the least. Boats would be floated down the river and disassembled and the lumber was used to build more houses as there was no way that the boats could return up against the current. These people called Kentucks were a crude and unrefined bunch much to the distaste of the French. Some of them became rich and stayed and they built the Garden District
homes and there was much competition to built the finest showcase of homes. Canal Street then and now is the dividing line between
the 2 groups.
Mardi Gras was the custom even back then. It occurs 45 days before Easter Sunday. Fat Tuesday was the biggest day of all. For Ash Wednesday was the beginning of Lent. A time of self sacrifice. A cross was drawn on everyone’s forehead with ashes as a sign of the beginning of Lent. Fat Tuesday then had another tradition rather than just being an excuse for feasting and partying. It was the day of retribution. It was the day that wrongs were righted. It was the day that one killed ones enemy.
Usually with a knive between the ribs into the heart. This is where the tradition of wearing costumes came from. Trying to hide in plain sight. Trying to survive the day and enjoy the festivities. As New Orleans is below sea level, burial was impossible. The bodies tended to wash up out of the ground. So the Cities of the Dead were created. Even today they are still used. a body is placed there for 2 years and then the bones are shoved together with the bones of others and the crypt is reused again. So when Marie LaVeau died she was encrypted in the St Louis #1 cemetery. It is believed by many that she can still mojo from the grave if asked properly.

So I did.
It was a dark and stormy night November 11, 2000. There was horrible storm with lightning and the rain was falling sideways
as the winds were howling. I called for a cab at 3:30 am. I had a sack of offerings. It included rum, a new hairbrush, scissors, toenail
clippers, a half pack of cigarettes and 2 lefties, and a lighter. I also had a gun as it was very dangerous to go there alone anytime
much less at night. The first cab driver refused to take me there, so I called for anther cab. He was terrified at what I was doing
but I ripped a fifty dollar bill in half and gave him the small part and told him he could have the rest on the return trip. As this was a $5 fare he did it.
I was soaked instantly when I got out of the cab to enter St Louis #1 the City of the Dead at about 4 am. I entered and turned to my left and walked the 10 feet to the tomb of Marie LeVeau. by the flash of the constant lightning I found a small piece of brick,then knocked 3 times on the tomb, turned around 3 times, made 3 XXX, drank from the rum, made my offering, and then made my request. It was an earnest request made in the white spirit of love. I then hauled ass back to the taxi and he burnt rubber
leaving the place. I gave him the rest of that $50. He was doing the sign of the cross where you touch your chest and head repeatedly and did not speak to me again.I made it back to the hotel at 5am. At 5:10 am the fire alarms went off as I was changing into dry clothes and the firemen made
me evacuate to the street in my underwear and my biker coat. So I got soaked again. At 5:30 it was oked to go back in.So me and my friend who had no idea what I had done nor where I had been rushed to the train station for the 7am train back home.
In May of 2001 and I returned and went to the St Louis #5 cemetery again. This time I went with a tourist group in the daytime.I found another piece of red brick and circled my XXX that I had made that night. This signified that my request had been granted for all to see.

Do I believe? Yes Can I reveal what my request was? No never. Not to anyone.
Favorite TV Shows:
I submit to you a tale of improbable love. It is true as I was the kindly zookeeper.

here is a true story of Nutria love. It begins with a single nutria alone all by herself, living in a small pool behind the sealions at the zoo. Her only friend was her keeper who would sometimes get in the pool with her and she would swim over and discuss the alabama football team chances for that year sitting upon the zookeepers chest. Her name was Felicia. Felicia stood about 18 inches tall and was covered with coarse hair and had lovely webbed feet with 3 inch long bright orange teeth. She was a unique individual, much too unique as she thought she was the only nutria in the world.
She would speak like "Hmmmzrj giitrh zzzztrkrea hhrrkmt" (which meant "I am so mad that they pulled Walter Lewis from quarterbacking and played that Jay Barker kid instead" ). the kindly zookeeper would nod his head and agree with this pearl of rodent gridiron wisdom.

One beautiful fall day the pool on the other side of the wall which had set empty void of water was capped and filled with a rush of water. Later there came a noise "hmmaxytr hhansax pau" and a scent which filled Felicias heart with joy. A boy nutria really existed!

They could not see one another as the wall was too high and made from concrete. Time passed and they talked constantly both giant swamp rats were Alabama football fans and the Tide evuentally won the national champsionship.

Finally one winter day a door that they had been talking thru opened and they were together. Felix as he was now known was almost identical to Felicia. Same size, same coarse fur, same webbed feet, same bright orange incicsors. They were already madly in love. the zookeepers shared their joy.

Suddenly a storm struck, sheets of rain, lightning hit a nearby tree, then it was over.

Felix lay dead.

He had fallen and broke a rib that peirced his heart. Felicia was alone again.
They had been together only minutes....
Yet 9 weeks later, 9 baby nutria were born, eyes open, furry, and ready to swim.
yet there was a sad ending to this.............
a week later the babies were sacrificed as snake food which the snakes refused to eat...
the moral of this story? shit happens in life find joy when and where you can

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At 3:48am on November 9, 2010, Joe David Lee said…
Yes, we will be there.
Thanky. Please email me the driving directions, or the address so that I can map it. It didn't show up clearly in the email flyer you sent, it was cut off down one side for whatever reason.
I have misplaced my Canon speedlite. If I can't find it, I'll bring a Qflash.
My lovely assistant is doing pretty doggone well with a camera these days, too. Do you have a pc-to-miniplug cord? I need to get one. That way I can use the Radio Slave that I have, with an Alien Bees flash. Currently, I can use the Radio Slave only with the Qflash. So heck.
At 6:08pm on October 27, 2010, Patrick Wayne Murphy said…
Hey Mike like the pic of ol BIG.Haven't talked to u for a while.I like all your pics.Your really good .I have a free home cooked meal ticket in hand u need to come up to Haleyville Aladambama.we can cruise on our sportsters.I got one too. I'll call u soon.
At 7:42pm on February 4, 2010, Denny Bush said…
Hey dude, call me so we can talk...205-213-1461. Waiting on your call... Denny
At 10:47am on January 25, 2010, james giada said…
Oh yeah, If you look into a mirror and see any condiment, proceed to wash face thoroughly. Peace
At 10:16am on January 25, 2010, james giada said…
Hello Mike,
You and I didn't have alot of interaction back in the good ol bad ol days. But the mere mention of your name conceptualizes a mental image of a tall kid with glasses wearing an A's uniform riding a bicycle backwards. Does any of that sound familiar?
Watch out for those wicked city women. They'll vamp you!
At 6:52pm on January 22, 2010, Jon Mayhall said…
Mike, my friend, it's one crazy ol' world!
Welcome back to the 205.
I hope that you enjoy a cool weekend. Have some fun and stuff!
At 6:16am on January 22, 2010, Patti Durden said…
Hi Mike,
Good to hear from you. It is amazing at the number of people that will find you and remember you. I moved back to Birmingham in 1993 and hope to stay this time! I hated having to move to Little Rock back in 74, but that is what happens when your family moves and you are not old enough to make wise decisions! LOL
I just recently retired from AT&T after 32 plus years! I probably will enjoy this retirement thing for a bit and then knowing me I will end up finding something else to do besides just staying at home. I can't ever imagine anything ever embarrassing me. :)....
At 9:13pm on January 2, 2010, Jack Cleveland Jr said…

Check out the comment I left about your Rutledge A's team photo.
At 9:00am on December 26, 2009, Joe David Lee said…
Hey Mick,
Well, did you go to Rod's? I just got in from Fairhope, where I visited with more Lees than there are left in Birmingham.
Went through the area where Rod lives awhile back, I think. Fredericksburg? I passed near there when going to deliver something in Pennsylvania.
Tell Rod "hello and merry Christmas" for me, kay?
At 10:12pm on December 23, 2009, Jack Brake said…


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