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Back in the day this wasn't the way. American's fought for this country from political oppression... our Generals lead the way...but oh be The Swami...not no more.

There have been 9 Generals lifted up to take on the Afghanistan War, all 9 have resigned, retired, or just quit. It seems the politicians want an Amry General to be a press spokesman, a diplomatic enginneer to the foreign leaders in which his soldiers are fighting in their clountry, plus not to forget our modern American General must have the rebuilding and economic savy to create a thriving country, a country where he is to oversee military operations and has been ordered to bring peace… Continue

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Celebrating the Grand July 4th Cookout, The Midfield Swami wants you input....

Let's talk "Company Brands"... such as Bryers Ice Cream....What are your thoughts on the following:

What is the best brand of ice cream?

What is the best BBQ sauce?

Which charcoal brand do you prefer?

What soft dink do you like best?

Anwser any or all........

Added by Jack Brake on June 28, 2010 at 8:25am — 11 Comments

Here is one for The Midfield Ladies.... The Swami hooks you up to MoJo lie detector... now for question:

Who was on the cover of the last "Teen Beat" ... "Tiger Beat" magazines that you purchased? You may have think way back, but the memory is still in your head, focus.

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Transcending human understanding, The Swami invites your memories of "The Oracle of Midfield".....

The 'Oracle of Delphi' in ancient Greece had two sayings engraved into the entrance chamber: "Know Thyself" and "Nothing in Excess." When you were in High School what two sayings did you find on the entrance chamber of 'The Oracle of Midfield." - (The Oracle was located somewhere on the mystical side of the Frog Pond)...

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Phillip Parker's son's death and funeral arrangements

Those of you that know Phillip Parker (graduated 1981), Shellie Bailey just sent word and asked me to pass this information to all of the Midfield graduates. Phillip's son, Mical Lee Parker (age 16) died in an accident in Smith lake. The arrangements are as follows:

visitation: Thursday 6/24/10 5-8pm

funeral: Friday 6/25/10 2pm

Same location: Shades Mountain Independant church

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First Impressions often are wrong, just look at me: The Midifield Swami with all my mental wealth and magical powers...I still live a shed in Mount Olive.....

First Impressions can be a toss up. What first impression did someone get wrong about you, when you first met?

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The Swami's old friend Rip Van Winkle can teach us a thing or two......

Like Rip Van Winkle, who slept his life away, what is the habit you need to lull to sleep and eliminate?

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The Midfield Swami introduces you to the voting of the Champion of Procrastination... get your ballots here!

What is one thing you need to do that you keep putting off?

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A tied up paper boy in the trunk, a copy of MUGSHOTS magazine, a clutter of stale french fries, or maybe...The Swami inquires

What is the strangest, most oddball, out of place thing in your car right now?

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Back the good ole days in TV Land, let The Swami take you there...Shazam!

What TV program from your youth can you still quote lines from?

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The Midfield Swami peeks into your nest, no golden eggs there......

If you were a bird which kind would you be?

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Sharpen your swords, clean your armor...time for another quest from the Midfield Swami....

Your quest is to post a YouTube video on this blog. The only requirement is that you find it interesting, funny, or entertaining. The door is wide open... bring us back some treasures.

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Searching for diamonds in a common coal bin, The Swami asks:

Who is the lowest maintenance person you know?

Added by Jack Brake on June 6, 2010 at 7:08am — 7 Comments

The Swami's friend, Plato says the 4 Greatest discoveries of mankind are speech, fire, agriculture and the wheel...but

If we were to search your home, what are the four greatest discoveries we would make?

Added by Jack Brake on June 2, 2010 at 8:04pm — 10 Comments

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