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Would boycotting a single gas company, like Shell (but could be any of them) force them to lower gas prices?  Maybe not a good idea to put a stop date on the boycott, but set a certain price reduction that would lift the boycott. Meanwhile, everyone buys from all other gas stations as usual.  Granted, it would be very difficult to organize and pull this off, but let’s pretend it happened.  Would Shell be forced to lower their prices?

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Comment by Randy Mize on February 28, 2012 at 3:40pm

I have wandered the same thing, I have also wandered if we could stock pile enough to have a few weeks of not purchasing fuel if that would make a difference.  The biggest problem I see is that if we don't buy it, China will, or India, or Russia.  It would take a worl-wide boycott almost...  The best thing to me would be if someone big in the business would make it a competition like the old "gas-wars" we used to have when we were younger....
There is so much fuel consumed these days though, I just don't know if anything would work, we are so dependant upon it. 

I know one thing for sure though, we are WAY TOO DEPENDANT on middle-eastern oil......  We should be drilling ourseleves and refining like we once did.....  Tell OPEC where to go and they would want to cooperate more especially if other countries follow suit.....

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