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At 10:08am on August 26, 2019, Steve Lankford said…

Becky this is Steve Lankford. How can I please get in touch with you. It is very urgent. My email is beachbum57@yahoo.com. 

Please reach out to me! 

At 1:11pm on February 28, 2010, Gloria Ethridge Whisenhunt said…
Hi Becky,

It is so good to see you on the site. Love the car!

I am working with some of the other 1970s classes to plan a group union. If you would like to be included, please send me your mailing address and email. I'll make sure that you are on the invitation list.

Thanks and hope to see you there!
At 9:12pm on May 2, 2009, Karen Traywick Hubbard said…
Wow, Becky, I'm jealous of that mustang! I think we all need to get our dream muscle car when we hit 50!
I added some pictures to my profile, finally.
I see your mom often at church, too. Would love to see you again!...Karen
At 12:47pm on April 7, 2009, Pam Mason Jacobs said…
Hey Becky!! I haven't gotten on site in awhile. When you come up to see you mom, give me a call sometime. I would love to get together to chat. I can't believe you have a child in college. They grow up so fast. I am in the phone book listed under Bryan and Pam. Call me.
At 12:23pm on April 7, 2009, Ginger Moore Morris said…
Becky I could not remember what you looked like in school just got my book out and remember you, why how could I forget you......it is good to talk and you have a beautiful family. I just moved home from 'Tallahassee Florida so I know how great Florida is....stay in touch with me. My e mail is livebygrace4ever@aol.com if you want to e mail me...Ginger
At 11:52am on September 16, 2008, Greg Cottis "Pappa Grego" said…
Funny I remember that about the convertible !! It is odd how we can remember things and others we forget. I have a sister who graduated in 75 from Midfield. (she lives in Melbourne Fl) One of her classmates sent me a message on this site saying she ate supper with us when they were in Jr. Hi. That had to be in 1971 or 72 ? & she remembers what we ate !!!!
At 4:07pm on September 15, 2008, Greg Cottis "Pappa Grego" said…
I remember in art class you asking Mr Harper about different model of convertibles !! he drove a Triumph TR4.
At 11:32am on September 15, 2008, Greg Cottis "Pappa Grego" said…
Becky, I remember you wanted a convertible,, did you ever get one ??
At 9:46am on September 2, 2008, Greg Cottis "Pappa Grego" said…
Becky, were you in Mr. Harper's art class ?
At 12:23pm on May 23, 2008, Marie Jones Mulder said…
maybe we'll get a president who abolish taxes altogether. that would help us all as well as the poor. boy i could really stir up some trouble if i were running. but just know it's coming and soon
At 4:36pm on May 21, 2008, Mike Faust said…
Yep...we moved to Alabaster in the middle of my 9th grade year. If you go in the weight room, you will see I became a football star there. The Shelby County Reporter gave me a nick name, "Monday Night Mike", because of some of the catches I got lucky and came down with. We were the state champions.

My sister teaches there now. She married a Penhale, the mayor's son from Helena. She has been teaching there for a long time now.

I like the Karma thing with Earl. That's the story line with that show. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everybody went back and made up for all their wrongs? ...not that we have too...or that we are suppose to......but wouldn't it be nice?
At 10:43am on May 20, 2008, Marie Jones Mulder said…
we were suppose to go thru las vegas but too much snow to go that way. we were suppose to go thru yellowstone, yet again too much snow. next time i want to go thru them in the summer, lol. yea we talking about a bicycle. i don't know what people are going to do about the gas prices. i had the gas cut off her, bill way tooooooo high. so going all electric. hope it's not a bad mistake. anyway we're all ok her hope all is well with you
At 10:23pm on May 17, 2008, Mike Faust said…
That's too funny....lol

Accent? You would probably think I have an accent now. I have officially become a "tweener". Inbetween a southern accent and a yankee accent.

Glad to hear your listening. It really is amazing how things seem to work out, without any effort on our part, when we walk in His will. My only regret is I didn't start listening myself sooner.

I am preaching tomorrow, was on the computer putting the finishing touches on the sermon. I needed the laugh. Your timing was perfect!
At 8:29pm on May 17, 2008, Marie Jones Mulder said…
hey girl the trip out west was great!! wouldn't want to live there. but beautiful scenery. we drove thru washington state, utah, wyoming, (we had to wait 3 hrs in wyoming for the snow) then to colorado, texas, and louisana and then on to al. had a great time, but glad to be home. i know you're glad the kids are home. my oldest son moved back here today, so there goes my dining room. everytime i put the the table back, one moves back in. oh well glad to hear from you talk later
At 10:24pm on May 16, 2008, Mike Faust said…
Your asking me if I can remember a teachers name.....rotflmao. I had totally forgotten about Rutledge burning down until my sister sent me the link to the video...lol

I keep looking at names on here and memories come back, some what. I remember thinking your Mom & Dad were the coolest.

It's fun to remember the past. I really am sorry about rolling your yard. I was a naughty boy at times.

All that is behind me, now I struggle daily with doing the right things and teaching my boys to do the same. I guess I needed somebody to be an example to before I straightened up.

Nice looking family you have there. It's good to see you have been blessed. I always thought you were cool.......or then the word was groovy wasn't it?

Thanks for forgiving me......I deserved to have to write those sentences so there is nothing I really need to forgive you for. Funny how time changes perspectives, isn't it.

Great to hear from you.....wishing you many happy years to come.
At 2:49pm on April 2, 2008, Mike Faust said…
I've got a confession to make to you......been weighing on me for almost 40 years now..................it was me..........I did it............I got up at 2am and rode my bike to your house and rolled your yard because you took my name on the black board for talking while the teacher was out of the room and I had to write "I will not talk in class" a hundred times............there....I confess....whew.....I feel better....lol
At 8:09am on March 14, 2008, Karen Traywick Hubbard said…
Saw your mom at church this past Sunday. She looks great, as usual.....I told her next time you are here to call me and/or Pam and let's all do lunch together. Okay?
At 6:04pm on March 4, 2008, Jerry Ferguson said…
Hey Becky,
i saw Sybil at the visitation for Jonathan. Just like this site, It was good to see old friends again that night.

I got to see and talk to Gary Edwards, Catfish Watkins, Morgan Early and others. There were probably 500 people at the visitation. Your Mom probably had to stand and wait a long time. We appreciate her comin. She got to meet one of my sons.

briefy, the funeral on Tuesday (2/26, mine and Terry's 49th birth day) was beautiful. The pastor concentrated his sermon on James 1:17 and Jonathan being a good and perfect gift from God, that unfortuanetly Terry and Jill only enjoyed fro 11 years. Terry had chose the name Jonathan because it means "gift from God".

keep praying for Terry, Jill and Kristen.
At 8:49am on March 3, 2008, Marie Jones Mulder said…
ok here goes, brown 1 lb or so and drain. dump a bunch of taco seasoning, dump a jar of hot picante sause,and hot cheez whiz. mix in a bowl and enjoy. glad you liked it!! have a great week love marie
At 8:34pm on March 2, 2008, Marie Jones Mulder said…
thought i would stop by and say hello. i hate i missed henry panion though, guess i left before he got there. anyway have a great week and say hello to me when you get a chance

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